Travel Awards

  • “The SCB Oceania section has a limited amount of funding available to support partial to full travel awards to attend the conference. Participants can only be considered for a travel award if they have submitted an abstract.

    To apply for a travel award, candidates should submit a statement in 1 page or less indicating:
    - Why you should be considered for a travel award
    - Whether you are a student, Pacific Islander or otherwise from a developing country
    - Estimated travel costs for flights and lodging
    - Whether you have any other additional funding sources to support your conference participation

    Statements should be submitted to at the same time as abstract submission.

    Priorities will be given to students and early career researchers from Pacific Island countries and student SCB members.”
    Nature of the travel awards will vary. Some may cover partial costs, but full awards may be made for Pacific Islanders who might not have the financial ability to pay for full costs.