Other Activities

  • Outside of the Field Trips organized by the Local Organizing Committee, this page is intended to provide other exciting options which conference participants may wish to explore and book directly with the various operators.

    River Rafting

    Organized by Swee Kok (Local Organizing Committee member)
    Email: sweekok@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.riversfiji.com/rafting/upper-navua


    Slicing a deep chasm through the island’s tropical interior, the Upper Navua River is a hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness. Shrouded in lush rain forest, fed by countless waterfalls and protected by challenging rapids, the Upper Navua River is Fiji rafting at its best. This is one of the most unique and memorable excursion in Fiji, taking you along the Upper Navua Gorge through some of the country’s most formidable and phenomenally beautiful terrain.

    Some say there are at least 70 waterfalls of different sizes along the long stretch of deep, narrow canyon. At some points, black volcanic walls are barely five meters apart and over forty meters high and fringed by emerald rainforest. This is where some of the wildest and most beautiful Fiji can still be found.

    Pick-up: 6am, USP
    Drop-off: 6pm USP
    Cost per head: FJD 295 inclusive of transport from Suva to Rivers Fiji Office, Pacific Harbour. (normal rate is FJD370 excluding transport)
    What to Bring – water bottle, sunscreen, shoes for light hiking or any shoes with back strap. (NO flip flops!)  There are places where you can jump in for a swim. Lunch and snacks are provided.

    Rivers Fiji provides a small dry bag on each raft for carrying small items on the river trip.

    Itinerary at a Glance…
    Excursion starts at Rivers Fiji office, Pacific Harbour • Travel overland through the rainforest • Morning snack • Arrive at put-in, just downstream of Nabukelevu Village • Receive life jackets, helmets, paddles • Short hike through the rainforest to our launch site • Paddle and safety talk • Begin our rafting adventure – viewing countless waterfalls, lush rainforest, numerous side canyons • Watch for herons, parrots, fruit bats • Experience the Gorge’s vertical walls and narrow passages • River-side deli lunch • Continue rafting • Stop at a waterfall • Arrive at Wainadiro Village, our take-out • Change to dry clothes and afternoon snack • Return to Rivers Fiji office

    Sky Diving

    Contact: +679 672 8166
    Email: sales@helitoursfiji.com
    Website: www.skydivefiji.com.fj

    Tandem Skydiving gives a novice the opportunity to experience skydiving over Fiji’s beautiful islands and fringing reefs with the safety of being attached to an experienced Skydive Instructor. They jump from an aircraft from up to 14,000 feet wearing a special harness that attaches them to a qualified Tandem Instructor. Once in free-fall although they reach speeds of 200km/hour the sensation is one of “flying” rather than falling.  When the parachute opens they can be shown how the parachute flies and steers.  The instructor will then take over for the landing on or close to the beach. All parachute operations are conducted in accordance with the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) Regulations, Fiji Islands Parachute Association Regulations and Regulations of CAAF. and all participants are required to be a member of the Fiji Islands Parachute Associations (FIPA).



    8,000 feet        : $495FJD VIP per person
    10,000 feet      : $575 FJD VIP per person
    12,000 feet      : $655 FJD VIP per person
    14,000 feet      : $735 FJD VIP per person

    Repositioning Charge
    For our team to conduct skydiving out at Pacific Harbor we have a repositioning charge for our aircraft and staff which is $800FJD.  This fee can be shared amongst the jumpers.  We will waiver the fee if we receive a confirmed number of 25 or more people for jumps out at Pacific Harbor

    Those delegates wishing to skydive will have to find their way to Pacific Harbor for the jumps.

    Time of Jumps:
    This will depend on the size of the group.


    Sand Dunes Hike

    Contact: +679 6520243
    Email: info@nationaltrust.org.fj
    Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.fj/sigatoka_sanddunes.html
    Entrance fee: FJD 10 for non-Fijian citizens and FJD 6 for Fijians


    The Sigatoka Sand Dunes covers an area of 650 hectares and offers a rich combination of geomorphologic, ecological, cultural and aesthetical attributes. The dunes contain a diverse mixture of endemic and introduced plant species. The National Park also plays host to 22 species of bird, eight of which are endemic to Fiji, including the Fiji Bush Warbler, Fiji Goshawk, Orange-breasted Mycenaean, Skinks, Lizards, Geckos and Fruit bats find refuge in the park’s diverse habitats.

    Travel: Participants may hire a taxi to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes for approximately FJD 150 for the day trip or catch a bus from the Suva Bus Station at approximately FJD 15 one way per person.

    Nabalesere waterfall and Wailotua caves

    Organised by Talanoa Treks
    Email: matt@talanoa-treks-fiji.com
    Phone: +679 9472732

    Get off the beaten track, glimpse Fiji’s interior and its rich culture.

    Discover Nabalesere’s magnificent waterfall and swim in the cool, refreshing waters. Warm-up and relax over a cup of draunimoli (lemon-leaf tea) and lunch in the village, and then head on and explore the historic caves at Wailotua.

    Pick-up: 7:30am from central Suva accommodation
    Return: between 6pm and 7pm

    We head up the King’s Rd and then inland on a dirt road into the foothills of the Greater Tomanivi area, where we are hosted by the village of Nabalesere. We present a sevusevu and then guides from the village take us on the hilly, 30-minute walk to their waterfall. Walk under the falls, swim in the pools, and take in the beautiful setting. We return to the village for a great local lunch before heading back to the main road and driving on down to Wailotua and a tour of the caves.

    What to wear | clothes you are happy to walk and swim in | trainers or trail shoes with a good grip | please keep your t-shirt on when swimming

    What to bring | water bottle | dry change of clothes | towel | sulu/sarong (can be provided upon request) | camera | sun cream & insect repellent

    Cost: FJD 150 per person (based on a group of 4)